Synthetic Labels

Synthetic label materials are those created by synthetic fibers and are more durable than standard matt / semi-gloss labels. They are ideal for a range of different applications shown below:

  1. Polyester – Polyester (PE) films are suited to high quality long lasting applications requiring resistance to heat, water, oil and chemicals. Typical applications include asset and serial number labels, cosmetics, appliances, electrical equipment and instruments, instruction tags on home and industrial utilities, drum and logistics labelling.
  2. Polyethylene - Polyethylene (PE) films are suited to applications that require resistance to water, oil and chemicals. Common applications include labelling test tubes, vials, chemical drums and products with a highly curved surface.
  3. Polypropylene – Polypropylene (PP) films are suited to applications requiring resistance to water, oil and chemicals. Polypropylene labels offer a long term solution to labelling packaging materials, patient and laboratory samples and tear-resistant shelf edge labels.


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