Warranty Labels

Ensuring our Warranty Void Stickers protect our company’s bottom line against false warranty claims during a tough economy is easy with Label-It’s superior printing service. Tamper-proof labels discourage the removal and reapplication of Warranty Void Stickers, keeping a component secure and enabling you to keep track of your valuable products.


No Tampering With Labels

Once Warranty Void Stickers  are attached to a product, the highly aggressive adhesive and ultra destructible materials like vinyl or acetate serve to prevent unauthorized access or tampering with the labels. This type of sticker shows tampering when the label is removed or damaged after purchase.

A Variety Of Solutions 

Label-it can help your business to secure its assets by providing a variety of custom warranty void sticker solutions for labelling products where shear strength is non-essential and movement of the product is limited. Designed to leave a permanent footprint after removal, these tamper-proof stickers lock in all components that are warranty related, making it impossible to hide any tampering that may take place after purchase. 

Tamper-Proof Warranty Void Stickers

Companies that require the additional security feature provided by tamper-proof or warranty void stickers can rest assured that Label-it has the expertise to provide you with a range of cost-effective yet highly specialised custom solutions. Sequential numbering can be printed onto these warranty void stickers as an additional safeguard against false warranty claims. 



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